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Coming November 1, 2020 💡 


Whether you’re a scientist, student, or self-diagnosed creative thinker, odds are you’ve found some pitfalls on the road to discovery. Maybe you’re facing a shortage of “good” ideas. Maybe you’re influenced by biases you never knew you had. Maybe you’ve hit a wall of data too intimidating to see past. In science and beyond, the formula for optimized experimenting, discovery, and creativity has been elusive to say the least. 

However, new research into creativity and tools that help connect ideas are making discovery possible for anyone willing to learn. By examining the fundamentals of thought and learning straight from the world’s best scientists, creatives, and thinkers finding those “Heureka!” ideas can indeed be boiled down to… well, a science.

That’s where Heureka Labs comes in.

What is Heureka Labs?

Heureka Labs is a community of thinkers eager to find new ways to experiment and be more intentional with the creative process in order to master discovery.

Who Should Join?

Heureka Labs was built for a community of thinkers* who want to:

  1. Learn faster and come up with better ideas
  2. Build a network of like-minded people
  3. Share stories, experiences, and ideas
  4. Find inspiration from other members who are on the same path

*All are welcome here. Our key topics include thinking, learning, writing, computation, and art. And while these will often be view through the lens of scientific discovery, the ideas are timeless and broadly relevant. Everyone has something to learn; everyone has something to teach. I hope you'll join us.

Curious to learn more?

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