Welcome to the Labs page, where you will find experimental resources to guide your learning. These guides are compilations of articles, videos, and learning resources that will help you get started learning something new. These are living documents, so check back often for updates and newly added guides. Need to learn something? Let me know.

As I've said, you need a good plan for any learning project. I hope these experiences help you and you enjoy learning from them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Short video describing a framework you can apply to learn anything

How to Learn Anything

In this short guide, I share a framework for learning anything and critical steps for any learning project.

Introduction to Data Science in R

This guide introduces the emerging field of Data Science in R, including data analysis and visualization, focusing on its utility for biological insight.

Data Visualization

This short guide focuses on how to think about visualizing data, essential considerations to share your message, and ways to leverage different elements such as color.

Networked Note-Taking

This guide will leverage new networked note-taking software called Obsidian to teach you how to build a personal system for discovery. We use 50 short essays on writing to master organizing and generating a network of notes.